Cubicle Curtains
Privacy cubicle curtains for any situation...

Franklin Fabric manufactures hospital-style cubicle curtains, also known as privacy curtains.

Perfect for hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices, and other medical facilities, these curtains utilize fabrics designed and engineered expressly for this purpose.

All our cubicle fabrics are Inherently Fire Retardant.  Because of that, the fire-retardant quality will last through the entire life of the curtain.  It can never be washed out, even when continuously cleaned at the high temperatures used in most health care laundry facilities.
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Our curtains are extremely durable.

Very strong construction plus superior durability provides long-lasting performance.  
These curtains are produced to be in compliance with all health and fire codes.

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Fabrics for all tastes and budgets.

We offer a wide selection of fabric patterns and colors.

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From concept through all stages of budgeting, ordering, and delivery, Franklin Fabric serves as your partner in design and execution.  We offer quality workmanship at extremely competitive prices, plus the largest selection of fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures -- our cubicle curtains are made from the finest flame-resistant fabrics available.

In addition to our own quality cubicle curtain fabrics, we offer curtains made with fabrics manufactured by Arc-com, Architex, Carnegie, Coral, Design Tex, Interspec, Maharam, Momentum, and  many others.

These fabrics are all specifically designed for cubicle curtains, to give you the design flexibility you want along with the technical specifications you need.

In addition to our designer line, Franklin Fabric inventories large quantities of a number of inexpensive 100% Trevira polyester cubicle fabrics.  These fabrics are always in stock for projects requiring immediate delivery.

Each curtain is meticulously tailored and delivered ready-to-hang, on time, and within budget.

Our custom-made cubicle curtain track can be produced in any configuration.

All our tracks are custom-made to any shape and size
The IFC-98 cubicle track with IFC-100 roller carrier (shown) is our most popular track.

This track is designed so it may be surface-mounted, suspended, or recessed.  
The wheeled carriers have nylon bodies, steel bead chains, and hard aluminum hooks.

Every track is furnished with end stops, carriers, and removable snap-outs.

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