Blinds & Shades
The right choice for any environment.

Vertical Blinds
Our vertical blinds offer you the regal appearance of a drapery.  Our finely engineered track allows you to regulate just the right amount of light through its uniformly spaced scissor carriers, and will give you many years of trouble free operation.

Vertical Blinds are the most popular choice for sliding glass doors and large windows; they are well-suited for both casual and formal decor.  Low maintenance and easy operation make vertical blinds a popular treatment for almost any window.

Vertical blinds allow maximum coverage of large windows at a cost-effective price. Our vertical track is exceptionally durable, and features an exclusive pantograph system to ensure even spacing of vanes.  We offer many options, including curved and motorized tracks.  Vertical blinds are available with cord or baton draw, as well as split or side draw.

Mini Blinds

The first horizontal blind was introduced in 1946, but we keep finding ways to make them better.  Blinds are now manufactured in durable aluminum, bend- resistant vinyl, or -- as a popular hybrid -- steel rails with vinyl slats (vinyl plus).


Mini blinds are a classic choice with the widest color selection of all window treatment types.  Higher-gauged mini blinds provide more durability, while a variety of slat sizes present an option for every interior.  Duotone mini blinds allow you to select a color of your choice for the front side of the blinds with a neutral color facing the street.  Options such as cordless and routeless (no cord holes) allow for unique customization of your mini blinds.

Our spring-tempered aluminum slats offer best-in-class resilience to withstand the toughest treatment.  We offer an innovative range of finishes and dozens of colors, including solid colors, perforated, and mirror finishes.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds and shutters add atmosphere to any space, from executive boardrooms to university libraries.  
We craft our blinds and shutters from the finest hardwoods, including cherry, ash, and oak.  
You can also choose from beautiful alternative wood materials, ideal for windows exposed to high heat or humidity.

Franklin Fabric offers affordable, highly durable solutions to fit your application.

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Wood blinds are available in a wide variety of finishes, from stains and paints to sandblasted.
Multiple width slat sizes guarantee that you will find the right wood blinds for your windows.  
One-inch slats are ideal for smaller windows and French doors; while two-inch slats, our best sellers,
have clean lines that look good in windows of almost any size.  
Two-and-three-eighth inch and three inch slats provide the look of a "plantation shutter"
and offer maximum view through when the slats are tilted to the open position.

For total privacy and light control, choose between the routeless (no cord holes) or cloth tape options,
which eliminate light leakage and provide a decorative touch.

Other options include cordless operation and valance upgrades for a completely customized window treatment.  
Faux-wood is available for tighter budgets.

Solar Style Roller Shades

Clean, simple, and versatile, shades provide an excellent solution for controlling light and glare.  

We offer an extensive range of fabric colors, weaves, textures, opacities, and sizes,
nearly all of which are flame-retardant and resist soiling, static, and fading.  

Our chain-drive clutch system precisely controls shades to provide a uniform appearance from any perspective.

With crisp pleats and a broad spectrum of colors, pleated shades offer a stylish look at a very affordable price.  Similar in appearance to a cellular shade and available in numerous fabrics, pleated shades can dress up any window.  Options available for pleated shades include:  Top down/bottom up, allowing the shade to be opened from the top, bottom, or both; Cordless, freeing your windows from messy cords and allowing for operation of the shade with one touch; and Continuous cord loop, a locking mechanism which keeps the cord at the same length (regardless of the shade position) and thus provides child safety.


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