Silk Trees & Plants
Use greenery to brighten up any room...

Franklin provides the finest natural-trunk silk trees, plants, and floral arrangements.
We offer hundreds of products for you to choose from.
We strive to provide a very high level of quality, variety, and service, and our success is a direct result of several factors:
We use only the highest-quality raw materials.
We continually update designs and products based on customer input.
We provide a high-quality product, at manufacturer-direct prices.

Below is a small example of our selections.

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Forever Fresh Waterlook
Choose from many colorful cut floral arrangements in vases
Exotic Trees
Variety of Palm, Bamboo, and other Tropical Trees in heights up to 10 feet, in your choice of pots
Silk Floral Arrangements
Colorful Potted Plants, including Violets, Tulips, Zinnias, Magnolias, Amaryllis and more
Traditional Trees
A selection of Ivy, Ficus, Bougainvillia and other trees in your choice of pots

Silk Floor Plants
Large Leaf Plants like Dieffenbachia & Hosta
in Rattan Baskets
Silk Orchid collection
A wide variety of Orchids,
many available pots.

Silk Greenery
Ferns, Ivy, Grasses, and other green plants in containers

Designer Containers
We offer a wide selection of Decorator containers and vases.