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If you can imagine it, we can make it for you.

Custom-manufactured draperies for the institutional, healthcare, hospitality, government/military, and commercial markets...

Custom draperies made from high-quality fabrics in a wide selection of patterns and solids;
Draperies that are inherently fire-retardant and meet or exceed Federal, State and Local fire standards;
Draperies in all styles, including baton draw, pinch-pleated, ripplefold, and accordia-fold, to fit any application.

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Popular Drapery Styles...

These custom draperies are designed for a variety of commercial and institutional applications.  They are ideal for motels, hotels, dormitories, etc., where curtain and rod wear present special maintenance problems and costs.  

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Pinch Pleated System


Most Popular Style -- pinch pleated draperies are attached to easy-sliding carriers with pin-on metal hooks.

Most familiar of the heading systems
Can be used with most track systems
Headings can be suspended under the track or over the face of it
Can be tied back for effect

Ripplefold System

These draperies feature soft ripple-like folds that flow smoothly from one end of the track to the other.  The effect is a gently tailored look, suitable for commercial and institutional installations.  Swivel end carriers eliminate all "flat" drapery areas.

Folds are identically beautiful from inside the room or outside, providing an architectural advantage.  Headings, suspended under the track, cannot tip or sag and are always perfectly positioned and spaced.

The ripple-like folds stack back to the very ends of the track, taking less width than conventionally pleated draperies.  More glass is exposed and more light comes in. Can be cord operated, motorized, or baton drawn.  Front-loading snap-on carriers and snap tape cut installation and maintenance time.

Accordia-Fold System

Precise, accordion-like pleats give these draperies a tailored look on both sides of the window.  Snap tape sewn to heading controls drapery fullness and pleat depth.  Ideal for commercial and institutional installations.

Recommended for tight areas where minimum stackback space is required.
Ideal for narrow windows or window walls.
Precise, tailored appearance.
Headings are suspended under the track
Draperies easily snap on and off carriers
Snap tape on heading controls pleat depth
Stackback is less than any other drapery system

Baton Draw Easy Glide System - Available with all pleat systems

Ideal for hotel and dorm rooms, this system puts a baton in view of the user; no hidden cords.  Just push or pull baton to open and close curtains; multi-wheel masters will take torque in any direction.  Can be used with conventional pleated, Accordia-Fold and Ripplefold heading systems.


Stiffener is sewn and grommeted to drapery overlap
Stiffener socket is placed over master arm
Baton is attached by a screw through the eyelet and into the master arm
Slides easily using ball bearing carriers

Traverse rod (Superfine Cord Draw)
Available in widths from 30" to 300"   
Available in Center Draw, one-way left, or one-way right

Center draw:  When opened, half of the drapery stacks left and half stacks right.  The draw cords are positioned on the right side of the rod.
Side Draw Left:  When opened, the drapery stacks left.  The draw cords are positioned on the left side of the rod.  Also available in Side Draw Right.
Double Traverse Rod Set
There are two traverse rods with this set, one for a sheer and the other for an outside drapery.  Available in widths from 30" to 180".

We make beautiful window treatments...
If you can imagine it, we can fabricate it for you.

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